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22nd February 2013


What’s best for water filtration at home?

The choices for home water filtrration solutions are many. Many of these systems found in homes serve to filter the water that comes through the kitchen taps so that you and your family will have clean drinking water as well as clean water to cook with.

Types of Home Water Filtration Solutions

The most common system is a filter system that is stored on or under the counter.

Portable filter water systems can be kept in the fridge. These are pitcher type systems that have two chambers that is separated by a carbon filter. The top chamber is where the unfiltered water goes, it then drips through a carbon filter and the the clean, drinkable water collects in the bottom chamber.

Some refrigerators are able to have a filter system built in with the ice maker and water dispensor system. These are designed specifically for the type of fridge.

Water filtration systems that fit directly on taps tend to be another common way that households filter their water. These types of systems can average up to 100 gallons of water before the filter needs to be changed.

Some of the home water filtration systems can also be used on bathroom or bathtub faucets.

Almost any type of water filtration system has the potential to improve the texture and quality of skin and hair.

Capabilities of Water Filtration Systems

Activated Carbon Absorption, used in the Aquasana water filter, is one of the most commonly used filtration systems. It is capable of removing bad tastes and bad odors from the water, as well as reducing impurities in the water. This type of system uses an activated carbon (AC) process. One of the drawbacks to this system is that it is prone to an accumulation of bacteria growth if the water is not filtered often or if the filter is not changed often enough.

UV lamps are used in the Ultraviolet Disinfection system. Water flows past UV lamp lights which expose all microorganisms to a lethal dose of UV energy thus killing all the bacteria and viruses in the water without using any chemicals.

A system that effeciently removed sediment, colloidal matter, particle matter, toxic metals, radium, microorganisms, asbestos, pesticides, and herbicides from the water is the Ultrafiltration/Reverse Osmosis method. This system is also capable of dissolving solids up to 99%.

Reverse Osmosis and Activated Carbon Absorption is usually used in combination with Ultrafiltration/Reverse Osmosis in order to remove the lighter, low molecular weight organics.

Solid Block Carbon is a block of carbon with an intricate maze throughout. The water flows through the maze where the carbon block successfully blocks organic impurities from getting through.

Before deciding which water filtration system is best for your home usage, it is wise to do some research on various systems so that you are aware of everything that the system you have in mind is capable of, as well as what it is not capable of.


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19th February 2013

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Men s Health Magazine: Hoodia and the Battle of the Bulge →


I have tried everything, and I mean everything to lose weight. I have been on the grapefruit diet, the low carb diet, the low fat diet and the starvation diet. While each of these allowed me to lose a few pounds within a couple of weeks, all were almost impossible for me to stay on.

I have tried every weight loss pill known to man. Ephedra made my heart race while caffeine pills made me nervous all the time. When the cure is worse than the disease, something isn’t right. I had just about given up when I discovered hoodia.

Hoodia is a plant that grows in Africa, and what it does for me is something I can easily describe. It makes me feel full, period. Not only do I not feel like eating, I don’t feel like I’ve deprived myself of anything.

I do eat, but since I am now no longer craving food just for the sake of filling my stomach or for comfort, I find it much easier to make healthy choices. After a few weeks on hoodia, my body was looking better than it had since high school (and that was oh so many years ago, unfortunately).

I sat down and figured out my average daily caloric intake, which was about 800 calories below where I had been. Not only that, I am now eating more whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean meats because I no longer feel the urgency to stop by the store on the way home from work and pick up something fattening. It’s as though I used to live in order to eat, and now I choose to eat in order to live.

I have been on hoodia for just over three months now, and I’ve lost 38 pounds. I’m 5 feet, 10 inches tall and now weigh 173. Because I continue to stay active, I can now see the musculature that was recently hidden by years of accumulated fat.

I am certain that my change in diet which has been facilitated by taking hoodia has also helped me in my weight training. It’s hard to tone up when you eat junk food all the time, which pretty much describes my old habits.

My co-workers have noticed a big difference, and now two of them are also taking hoodia. While they haven’t been on it as long as I have, they are already looking better and I’ve received a thank you from both for recommending it.

If you are like I used to be, looking in the mirror and being unsatisfied with yourself, I encourage you to try hoodia. It’s easy to find and I’ve had great success with it. I’ve had to buy new clothes, which was a pleasure as I now look on the outside as I’ve always felt on the inside. My weight used to fluctuate from fat to even more fat.

I was the only guy I knew who actually owned “fat pants”, which I might need to use if I had been eating a lot over a few days. For me, that life is over and now I look forward to keeping myself fit. You wouldn’t believe how losing weight has positively affected other areas of my life.

I fully recommend hoodia to anyone with a weight problem. Of course, exercising should also be a part of anyone’s plan for a healthy lifestyle. If you are trying to lose weight, I wish you luck. I’ve been in your shoes for the majority of my life and I know how hard it is.

Above all, don’t give up. Keep trying and find what works for you. Remember, you can succeed at looking your best.

Hoodia and the Battle of the Bulge

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18th February 2013

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Kake the Kitten: Gluten Free: Raspberry & Coconut →


This past weekend I decided to make gluten free cupcakes instead of the normal vegan…because I wanted my lovely wheat-free friend to be able to eat them, and the only non-vegan items were 2 farm free-range eggs, so I decided it was permissible for my “trying to be vegan” style. 

They came out pretty awesome for gluten free (usually me and wheatless don’t get along too well…). Here’s what happened: 

I used: 1 gluten free cake mix * 2 farm fresh eggs * 2/3 cup of water * 1 stick vegan butter * 1 tsp. vanilla * .5 cup shredded coconut * 3 tbsp. shelled almonds 

Mixed all ingredients together and pour into cupcake tin. Sprinkle a little extra coconut on top of each cupcake, and then place a raspberry in the middle. Bake for about 40 minutes (check after 30). 

And that’s it! Adding more raspberries would probably make these even better (they were the best part!), but they came out pretty darn good for gluten free!!

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18th February 2013

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18th February 2013

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Now that I think of it, I have come off my raspberry ketones this week and lost only a pound, which is a small amount compared to my 4 ponds last week when I was taking them.. maybe they do work.

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18th February 2013

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How Raspberry Ketones Help In Weight Loss →


Rapsberry Ketones can help in your weight loss efforts. Check this article out!

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18th February 2013

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Shennay93: Raspberry Ketones →


So I received the raspberry ketones lean in the mail yesterday and started taking them today 7th Feb. I’m kind of hoping that they do what everyone has made them out to achieve, weight loss. But I’m not like fully relying on them, I am trying to eat healthy and I’m exercising, so hopefully that should be a plus.

I am taking 2/day and they have a funky raspberry smell to it. The capsules are slightly bigger than I though it would be, but it’s not a problem.

Anyways I will keep people’s updated and we’ll see if they actually work. Hopefully I’ll be losing 1-3 kilos by the 14th which would make it 1 week. So yeah I’ll keep you posted. Toodles

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18th February 2013

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I ate an entire medium pizza by myself last night.


On my way home from my Mom’s today I’m buying raspberry ketones and coffee bean extract. I’ve down a plethora of research and feel good about this decision. 

I’m losing these final thirteen pounds. The first seventeen weren’t this difficult…

103 pounds here I come!

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18th February 2013

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I am just curious


Does anyone use Raspberry Ketones?

Do they work?

Should I try them?

How about Coffee Bean Extract?

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18th February 2013

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So far the diet is going really well. I’ve lost 2 pounds, and I’ve worked out every day :) today I started taking my raspberry ketones that are supposed to burn fat quickly. I also started taking biotin supplements that help with hair, skin, and nails, but apparently help you lose weight as well. I really hope so. I just want to be happy.
110 pounds come faster please.

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